Miniature art form


The art Form

The artist Gudlaugur Arason, alias GARASON, is an Icelandic prize winner writer and the artist of ‘Miniature Book Art Form.’ His love for books inspired him to develop miniature art form.’The books are all made to a 1:12 scale and are in the correct proportions of the original books. This means that the largest elf books are 29mm in height, but the smallest are only 4mm. With a few exceptions, the books have a thickness of no more than 6mm.


The hidden treasure

Look for it!

Each artwork is unique and individual. However, each one contains three distinct elements, in that somewhere there will be a tiny elf, there will be one of Guðlaugur Arason’s books somewhere on one of the shelves, and on a shelf somewhere will be a book spine that reads GARASON, plus the artwork’s date.

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Art 11-Workshop & Gallery 

Drop in to my workshop and gallery shop and see these unique artworks with your own eyes.  You can find us at:
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